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How To Post All Facebook Friends wall using one click 2017

How To Post All Facebook Friends wall using one click trick 2015 or How to Auto post all friends wall on Facebook 2015 trick most need, After share on Invisible or Hide last name and also best trick on see hidden friends list today we are sharing with auto post friends wall script or codes with working tutorial. It’s really very secret tricks most fans don’t know.

You might be searching online for how to automatically post on all Facebook friends timeline or wall directly in one click easily? Or you may be looking for some kind of trick that will help you to post something that you want to share on your friend’s timeline easily.

If you are searching for above things, then you landed at right place, because below we are going to share the working tip or trick that can help you to easily post anything on your timeline of your Facebook friend in single click.

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Post All Facebook Friends wall
How Can I Auto Post all Facebook Friends Wall In a Click

Many friends asking us about these type tips and tricks and codes, Most are wanna auto post on friends wall, But unofficially it’s not possible, But using tips and tricks we can done it.As most of you guys know that Facebook is known as one of the largest social networking website that is getting thousands of new users on the daily basis and currently having millions of people as active users.

Also, most of these Facebook users want to be unique to get popularity or to get attraction of other people. Facebook team always does something great in order to bring better security and try to fix bugs quickly as soon as possible. But still there are some developers that are intelligent who tries to do the trick with such sites and invent new tricks.

So the trick that we are going to share in this article is also based on some kind of code that allows posting anything you want directly to your all timelines of Facebook friends.

We are also trying to provide more and more useful tricks on this website, some of the tricks are currently working and some of the tricks might be not working because it seems that Facebook has solved those bugs. You can try out all those tricks and check which one is currently working for you.

Auto Post Facebook Friends wall or Timeline working trick 2017

If you are having a lot of friends on your Facebook profile and you want to send them an important message so that all of them get notified, then it will not possible for you to do this thing in a short period of time.

So if you want to post something and want your friends get notified within a few seconds or minutes about that special thing, then this tutorial or trick is for you. You will take the help of some script code to auto post to all friends timeline in one click easily.

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Script or Code for Post All Friends Timeline wall in one click on Facebook

There are thousands of scripts and codes available online on the different website after Facebook tricks and some other applications’ tricks like WhatsApp, so you can try them at your own risk. The scripts are working fine now and you can try them as well. Let’s get started with this tutorial given below:

  •  First of all you will need to open up Google Chrome
  •  Then you will need to copy the code given below
  •  Next, you will need to press control + shift + J from your keyword in order to open console.
  •  Then paste the code given above there and you are done with this tutorial.

The final verdict on Facebook Auto Posting Trick on Facebook friends Wall

So this was a working and amazing trick to help you with auto posting all friends wall in one click on Facebook easily. Once again, we are sharing this trick, seeing popularity on the net, But we are suggesting you that don’t do spam on friends wall,

Facebook can banned some features of your account. I hope this article will be helpful for you and if you are having any queries or suggestions regards this guide, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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