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How to stop / block Candy Crush Requests and Notification?

If you are on active these days on Facebook, then there are more chances that you might have at least one friend that send you invite of various popular facebook games requests again and again. One of best example of such games is Candy Crush Saga which is played by thousands of active Facebook users from all over the world.

Candy Crush Saga game is mainly developed for mobile device by which is mostly available on android and iOS devices. There are some restrictions in this game that you need to get by taking help from your friends on Facebook, when such kind of player asks for help, then it will send a request to their friend. There are some gaming lovers who keep on sending requests to their facebook friends again and again which may annoys them and so they thinking to turn off facebook notifications for candy crush games.

Candy Crush is mostly played games among mobile users and in future it will be considered as classical computer game in gaming world, then imagine how much help will be seeking for your help. Sending large number of requests sometimes annoys other friends or creates problem when doing work. And sometimes we realize that such notifications are only for specific games like Candy Crush, which doesn’t seem to be good at all.

  how to block Candy Crush Requests

How to stop / block Candy Crush Requests and Notification?

Now when you have started feeling “Enough is enough” when your friend sends you gaming request notifications again and again, then simple solution is to block gaming requests of Candy Crush Saga easily. For doing this follows the steps given below:

  • First of all you will need to Login to your Facebook account.
  • Then you will need to go to your Facebook application center game requests.
  • There you will find out invitations from your friends. For better understanding have a look at this screenshot:

block Candy Crush Requests

  • Now click on ignore all button, and then Facebook will delete all game requests.
  • After that it will ask you to block that particular game such as showing in screenshot below:

block Candy Crush Requests on facebook

  • Then click on block option and confirm it. Now you are free from candy crush saga invitation or game requests.

Enjoy Facebook now without getting any annoying candy crush saga requests from your friends or relatives.

How to Turn off Facebook notifications on Android and Computer

Android Users:

If you are android user and want to get rid of unwanted notifications on android device, then go to your facebook app, then find account settings, tap notification and click on mobile push, now click on those things which you want to be get notified and uncheck for which you don’t want to be notified and you are done.

PC user:

If you are using Facebook from computer and want to remove facebook notification or gaming requests , then go to Facebook account settings and there you can find out app and game settings, there you can do best  settings according to yourself for notifications.

For better understanding checkout this screenshot shared below:

candy crush notification


So I think now you can easily block candy crush requests or invitation and other Facebook gaming invitations and also learned how to turn off Facebook notifications easily. Now it’s time for you to utilize these things properly. So hope block Candy Crush Requests now turn off.

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