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How to contact Facebook using Facebook customer service number For Support

Facebook customer service number most needed for support. Facebook is a social media giant in the world. It has more than millions of users subscribed to it. There are many users who face various problems online on Facebook. It is a better option to contact Facebook and ask for the solution to their problem.

This is not an easy task to contact the Facebook directly and ask for help. In this post, read about how to contact facebook using facebook customer service number. There are different ways to contact FB online like chat option, call, email, forums, etc.

This article will provide you all the details about contacting Facebook. FB offers great services to its active users but sometimes we face different problems like blocking issue, online chat option, changing id, fake id, etc.

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facebook customer service number

How to contact Facebook for problem using Facebook customer service number

The best way to solve such problems is to contact Facebook directly from phone to customer care service. They will probably solve your problem and look into the matter. Every day many peoples searches for the solution to their problem on web but they didn’t get the suitable answer.

The customer care service will also help FB to improve their services and make it safe from spam. We all know that FB has lots of spam profiles and apps.

If you also facing any problem online on Facebook then keep reading this post about how to contact facebook using facebook customer service number in 2016.

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How to contact facebook

Facebook is a biggest online social business promoting platform. It making its services more friendly to users. There are many issues which users face on this popular social medial platform. But now you can easily solve your problem by directly contacting to FB.

You can also fill the contact form and they will respond to your query. But this is a time consuming process which is not effective these days. Sometimes peoples face some serious problems like account hack, account cancellation,etc.

This is the situation when user needs to contact Facebook directly to solve their issue as soon as possible. The Facebook team has a phone number and they solve various types of issues. You can also contact to the Facebook Help center if you need need only account support help from them.

The best and effective way to contact FB in critical situation is from phone but these services are automated designed. So, how can we contact facebook and solve issue. The solution to your problem is given in this post below about how to contact facebook using facebook customer service number.

How to contact Facebook developers?

The Facebook developers have lots of works each day but their first priority is to take care of their customers. If you are also having some critical issue and want to contact FB then they will surely respond to you after verifying your problem.

You can tell them your problem and they will surely provide you suitable solution. FB is also rated good to help their online customers worldwide. The different contact details are available according to different problems.

It means if you have query related to online advertising then you have to contact to FB Sales Department. So, let’s start with the detailed FB contact list to solve various problems each day.

Different Ways to contact Facebook

Customer Care: You can directly contact to the free facebook customer care if you have some common problem or issue online. This will be an automated service and you have to follow the steps on call line. This service doesn’t offer any human support to users.

You have to search the topic related to your problem. The automated customer care number is (650) 543-4800. This will give you simple instructions to access to other menus. This is one of the simple way to contact facebook if you have some common problems online. You can contact Facebook through their Help center which is described in below paragraph.

Help Center: This is the other genuine way to contact Facebook and get solution to your problems. Here you can put your questions and experts will post answer to your query with suitable explanation.

To visit to the FB Help Center page, click on the “Help” option and select “Visit the Help Center” page. This method takes long time to get reply from experts. You have to keep patience and wait for the answer. If still your problem is not solved then try other way to contact FB.

Check old questions and answers: This is yet another way to solve your problem. FB already has many questions on Help Center page which are solved by experts and admin. You can check the list of questions and if your problem matches the same then check it.

This is the good way to solve your issue fast. You no need to contact Facebook or search for the problem over internet. If your has been asked before then it will probably have good answers solving the issue. Facebook had assigned a team of experts to provide the suitable answers to Help Center questions.

The mentioned above are the simple ways to contact Facebook if you have some basic or common problem online. But what if you have some critical problem like account hack, account cancellation, etc.

Then you need to contact the FB developers immediately and ask for quick action. Don’t worry if you also facing some critical issue on FB then this post will help you about how to contact FB directly. Many people searches for the customer service number on Google. Your search comes to end here because here you will get different Facebook contact details.

Community Contact to Facebook

This is the another way to contact facebook and search for you problem. The community page will help to resolve your problem. Facebook is one of the most popular social media platform in world. There are many peoples from different parts of world who are faces various Facebook each day.

If you also needed to contact Facebook for some problem then you should check the various email id and mobile phone numbers below. FB does not support human help on call. You have to follow automated instructions. Then other best way to get solution of your problem is through community page.

How to Contact Facebook

Here are the some ways to contact facebook directly. You should try the below provide ways and details to contact FB admin directly. You can contact them for Facebook change Page Name issues. The various problem related pages are given below.

Contact for report and any problem from below link.

Contact for for your Page issue and Advertising issues.

Another customer services contact page

Facebook Customer mobile number and email id

Contacting through email id or mobile number is an effective to get the solution to your problem fast. There are various email id and contact numbers available for different problems. Check the facebook contact email id and mobile numbers below.

Facebook customer care Email Id –

Facebook email id assigned for disabled FB profiles –

Queries related to FB suspended account, contact through this email id –

Email Id:

Facebook Worldwide Contact Number – 6505434800

Facebook Toll Free Number in India – 1800 258 2590

Facebook Head Office Contact details

You can also contact Facebook by visiting to their center. If the FB head office is located near to you then you can contact them directly through visiting their head office. The address details about USA and India head office are given below.

India Head Office of Facebook

Thomson Reuters

# Hi -tech City Main Rd,

Vittal Rao Nagar,


Pincode 500081

Andhra Pradesh, India

USA Head Office Facebook Address

Facebook, Inc.

# 471 Emerson St.

Palo Alto, CA 94301-1605

United States Toll Free Number

Phone: 650 543 4800

Fax: 650 543 4801

Press: 650 5434811

Various contact form pages

Facebook uses various contact form pages which can be used to contact and ask for help from FB. There are different contact form pages designed for various issues like changing user name, advertising issue, change username, etc. You can simply navigate for the Facebook contact page on the website. This is a very convenient method for users.

This feature was started by Facebook to make its services user friendly world wide. You have to simply type your problem and submit it. They will give you suitable answer to your query. The facebook contact form app is available for download on smart devices. You have to just download and install the Facebook app from Google play and post the contact form on Facebook. You can also add a form to your Facebook page.

Some other ways to Contact facebook

It is not guaranteed that FB will give you a support like pro and pick up a call. They also have their own policies and rules. They will help you and respond to your problem according to their policies.

If they will find your problem critical then they will directly respond to you through email. There are many fraud and fake numbers available on web. You should be very careful about it and never tell any sensitive information about your account to any other person. In this post, we have collected some best ways to contact facebook customer care to solve issue.

Some Things to Keep in mind

Keep Patience and wait for reply: FB is a huge network in world. They are trying to do their best. If you have some query or problem then send then message through contact form page or email. Do not work in a hurry way. You should wait for the reply from FB. They may take time to resolve your issue.

Keep away from spam and frauds: Do you know that there are many facebook numbers available on internet. Most of them are fake and spam. You should keep yourself away from calling such numbers.

These fraud numbers and emails are created for the purpose of stealing users sensitive information. Always remember that FB never calls to its users via phone. Their customer care service does not have human support. It is good to always walk on right path.

The above is the detailed article about how to contact facebook using facebook customer service number in 2016. The mentioned numbers and email can be used to contact FB and tell them your problem. Facebook will solve the issue after checking your problem.

You have to keep patience in that time period. The contact form pages are the advanced and best way to contact and solve your online problem. If you also know any other best way to contact Facebook then then let us know through your valuable response.

If you have any query related to the topic about how to contact Facebook using Facebook customer service number then post your valuable comment below. We will respond to it as soon as possible.

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