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Does Facetime Use Data Or Minutes On Wifi? Complete Report

Does FaceTime use Date? Yes, this is big confusion in minds of many people. Before starting let’s we know little about Facetime. This is a popular video chat or online telephonic service for iOS users. It was developed by Apple Inc and launched on 24th June 2010. Initially, it was released only for iOS devices but later also upgraded for Mac users.

This works simply as an online video chatting service similarly like Skype and Google Hangouts. It works as a webcam only between iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac devices. Facetime is a best online video call service since 2010 for iOS and Mac users.

It is a confusion among people whether facetime use date or minute on Wi-Fi or not. In this post, we will give you the full report about the facetime data that will help you to solve this issue. Facetime runs fine almost on all new Apple devices. There are many pros and cons of facetime but don’t worry because this post covering all details about FT and its data usage on Wi-Fi.

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Does Facetime Use Data Or Minutes On Wifi?

 Check Here Does Facetime Use Data Or Minutes On Wifi? 

Facetime requires a Wifi connection and Apple ID for use. This is the best service for Apple device users who loves video calls and online chatting. Newer versions of FT supports 720p resolution. One can make free video calls to any other Apple user through the Wifi connection. It is a free service in the United States but there will be charges depending on conditions and plans.

The facetime app is available for free download and the user can directly download it from AppStore. These days latest iPhone devices come pre-installed with this amazing video calling app. FT also helps in sharing text, email, call and photos.

If you also using this app and looking about does facetime use data on wifi then this post deals with the same. In this article, read whether FT uses date or minute on Wi-Fi or not along with a detailed report. So, lets’s start with the pros and cons of FT in below paragraph.

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Does Facetime Use Data Or Minutes On Wifi?

Advantages of FaceTime

FaceTime has many interesting advantages. It is an online video chat solution only for Apple users while other popular apps like Skype runs on a multi-platform system. FT allows people to connect with each other via video calls and brings them closer. The major advantages of FT are:

• All Apple devices above iPhone 4 support this app

• Compatible for steady conversation and streaming on Apple devices

• Has inbuilt camera which is directly accessible from device

• Easy to make video calls from Apple to Mac devices and vice-versa

• Camera changing feature (front to back) on iPad, iPhone and iPod devices

• Not need to download, FT is an inbuilt application in Apple devices

• One needs a wi-fi connection and Apple id to setup FT on their device

• Supports high quality (720p) HD streaming in newer versions.

• Consumes fewer data as compared to popular video calling apps like Skype.

Disadvantages of FaceTime

Along with advantages, the app has few disadvantages too. Facetime uses data or minute on the wi-fi connection. Other few disadvantages of FT are given below:

• Some quality or pixel drop during online video calling or streaming in iPad devices

• Does not have any chatting option or text conversation facility

• Separate iMessages facility for chat which is extraordinary

• You will be charged when using voice call facility

• Users complained about image clarity issues

Does FaceTime use Date or minute

This is a very big confusion for those people who are using this app on Apple devices. It is true that FT needs a good wi-fi connection to run. It utilizes the internet and won’t use your mobile data plan. It simply means that whenever you are using a wi-fi internet connection your data plan will remain unaffected.

No minutes will be used during that time whether you are doing video calling, or sharing an image. FT is the powerful source of communication that’s why needs a strong internet connection. In this report, we will tell you that how much data gets eaten up when using FaceTime app for video calls.

When you are not using the wi-fi connection, FaceTime data will go over the cellular data plan. There is a way to track the data usage by an app on your Apple iPhone device. When you will use the data plan, this will show a mark against the unlimited accessible data plans on your device.

FaceTime utilizes more data on video calls as compared to transfer of email and web browsing. For each video calls, you can expect data use of around 4 to 6MB. Data-conscious peoples can easily track the Facetime video call data usage on their device.

FaceTime deals with telephone number just as the location on the network. You can use the calling feature from FT directly. One can use the phone number as an FT id for using it on Apple devices. Other people cannot identify your phone number from your account.

FT will run a verification process in the background and then verify the phone number whether it is legal or not. FT is compatible for both online video calls and cell phone calling on a network.

It will charge minute when you connect FT with conventional cell phone call. In this case, the calls will go on phone network when you choose conventional cell phone call and the phone call will get disengaged from FT call if you change it to Facetime. The Facetime part will utilize the wi-fi data while voice part of the call will be charged against minutes.

How much data does facetime use?

If you want to check how much data does facetime use then it is very easy. You have to just follow the steps given below. This will help you to exactly check the data usage during video calls on Apple iPhone devices.

• Open the Facetime app on your Apple device

• Click on Facetime call on for particular call which you want to track. Then check on the left side of the screen and click on small “i” icon.

• You will be redirected to call and contact details. Then select whether it is an incoming or outgoing call.

• Then check the duration of call and amount of data usage as well

• This will show the full details of face time data used on particular call

This method works for both FT audio calls and video calls. There is a separate way to check the data used for cellular phone calls. Both are differentiable with this method. Whenever you will use the wi-fi connection for FT then it will show report of data used on particular video calls.

Does facetime use minute or data

FT utilizes both wi-fi data and internet data pack from a phone. If you setup it on your mobile phone then it will use and check your monthly data plan. But using it over wifi, FT will use only internet data. If you use FT all time then using the unlimited data plan or wi-fi will be effective. Facetime requires a phone number or apple id for using video calls.

FT utilizes fewer data as compared other popular video calling services like Skype, etc. Facetime runs only on Apple device above iPhone 4 and Mac devices. Apple users will not need to download it because it comes pre-installed with Apple device. In one hour,
FT utilizes approximate 180 MB data. Each time FT consumes 3MB data for cellular calls and transferring information. Here, we will give you the full report about the FT data use or minute report 2016. The internet data plan will not be utilized when you are on Wi-Fi connection. The calling will be done on internet pack from your phone.

Does facetime use cellular data

This is yet another confusion in the minds of people that whether facetime uses cellular or not. Facetime does not consume your cellular data as minutes plan. It makes use of fast internet connectivity for video calls like 3G, 4G and wi-fi internet.

The cellular data plans can be checked with the help of service provider. FT utilizes the data from internet pack if not using wi-fi connection. You can subscribe to unlimited plans if using FT all the time on your Apple device. But don’t worry FT does not utilize cellular minutes plan.

FaceTime Data Use Report 2017

It is necessary to make you clear about the data usage in FT. We are sharing the facetime data use report 2016 that will help you get a rough idea about it. Many people think that FT uses a lot of data and minutes while using the cellular phone call.

 Facetime is a popular online calling app since 2010 but in topics from long days because of the data use issue. Many users claimed that FT uses a lot of data on video calls and cellular phone call. To make it clear, we are sharing the facetime data use report 2016 in this post.

Facetime uses data in both the cases- video calls and phone calls. It utilizes data pack for a call. But the fact is that how much data facetime users from data pack or wifi? To answer it, we are providing you the data use report 2016 which is performed on fast internet connectivity like 3G, 4G or wifi on Apple iPhone devices.

It is common for FT to utilize data for video calls and cellular call. So, let’s see the facetime data report 2016 on the wifi connection. You may need only 1GB or 2GB monthly internet pack for video calls on FT.

Speed of the Internet: Above 3 Mbps

Video call duration: 15 minutes

Connectivity of Network: Wi-fi or 4G

Total Send Data (Data Out): 25 MB

Total Received Data (Data In): 60MB

According to the internet data details report given above, we can check the Facetime data use statistics. The facetime data use to report on wifi is given below:

0.046 MB per Second

2.98 MB per Minute

170.7 MB per Hour

The above is the report that you are searching over the internet. This report will help you to make a rough calculation about the data use on facetime. Normally, it utilizes 3MB data per minute for video calls. When we will compare this report to Skype, it is found that FT uses fewer data.

If you also want to set up facetime app in your Apple device then check below paragraph. FT uses around 4 to 6MB data for video calls. It will be better to track data usage on internet pack directly from a service provider.

How to setup FaceTime in Apple device

If you also thinking to download the Facetime app for online video calls then you can directly download it from App Store. It is free of charge but needs a proper wi-fi connection and apple id.

To setup FaceTime in your Apple device, you should go to the settings and then tap the FaceTime app. Make sure that you turn on the FT. Enter your Apple ID and password to proceed to next step. Then sign in into the tap.

Now, verify details on the dashboard like login and personal details. Then click on the “Next” button. On the screen, it will ask you to select an email id and mobile number. That’s all you need and now enjoying online video calls with your friends.

 Remember that wi-fi connection is needed for HD quality video calls. The method is similar to setup FaceTime on Mac devices. So, enjoy it.

Final Verdict about Does Facetime Use Data Or Minutes 

The above is the detailed article with the full report about does facetime use data or minute. Facetime uses data for video calls on wifi but does not utilize minute plans from your phone. FT is the best app solution for online video calls as it is cheaper than Skype.

If you know any other details about facetime data use on Apple device then let us know through your valuable response. If you have any query in your mind related to the facetime data use on wifi then post your valuable comment below.

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