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Free web proxy websites with best daily proxies Server 2016 Collection

Free web proxy sites with top free proxy websites and also best daily proxies Server collection you can get from this post. Proxy is the term used to define the intermediary between you and your server. And it plays the computer connection function (local) to the external network (Internet). As local computer addresses are not valid for external access, it is the proxy send the request of the local address for the server, translating and transferring it to your computer.

All requests made to the server (the site you want to access) will go through your proxy. Upon reaching the site, the IP (Internet Protocol / Internet Protocol) proxy is registered in the cache of your destiny and not his.

It is the IP that hackers can break into computers, so you must keep your gateway security level (gateway to the proxy) insurance. The risks are many; however, two of them can be listed as the strongest: have invaded your computer or have someone sailing with your IP.

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Free web proxy websites with best daily proxies Server 2016 Collection 

The IP acts as the identity card number of your computer. It determines who you are on the network; and it is this number that others can find it (if you have an FTP address to send files direct to your folders). What proxy does is mask your legitimate IP number so that when a cracker wants to break into your computer, be more complicated.

Proxies help in speeding up the internet for companies that need to speed time to navigate. The record of the page accessed is stored in its cache. With this file already recorded, the next access is much faster since you will not need to redo the first recognition of the destination.

Types of Proxies

Free Web proxy Websites

There is also another type of proxy, web proxies. They are a version that hides your real IP and allows you to surf anonymously. Many of them are used in closed networks such as universities and workplaces to circumvent a determination block some internet sites.

The locking champions contents are: social networking sites (Facebook and others), instant message exchange programs (MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and others), not counting as forbidden porn sites.

Open proxy or Open Proxies

Open proxy connections (open proxy) are the most dangerous kind and inviting to hackers and malicious users. When one of these users can access a computer, install a proxy server on it so you can come when you want the machine and promote various types of illegality as scripts that steal passwords for banks, frauds involving credit cards and a wide variety of illegal acts.

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Proxy networks or Proxies networks

The proxy networks are based on encrypted codes that allow anonymous communication between users. Examples of such a network are P2P connections (peer to peer) in which a user connects to the other without knowing their identity and exchange files with each other.

These networks are characterized by not allowing control of servers; ordinary users are who provide all the content and files. Certainly, many of these computers are used by ill-intentioned people with ulterior motives. So it should be borne in mind that any promise of privacy and security is more than rare.
Unblocking blocked websites using different methods

Create your own proxy at home

The more complex and semi foolproof way is that you create your own proxy server at home. That way when you enter your own proxy server, as you will not share with anyone, the chances of it being blocked decrease infinitely.

But of course this comes at a great cost:

· Your computer must always be working at home

· your home internet must always be working

We do not recommend this way for nothing, because there is no great advantage and cannot think of a good reason to risk your home computer, your internet, your time and your work – after all, you went beyond the usual to try to unblock websites and create a proxy, creating a potentially insecure connection to your home. But know that it is possible through the Apache server installation and mod_proxy.

Use VPN software on your computer

Another way to access the internet to unlock blocked site is to install a VPN program on your computer. This is very useful to protect you and access blocked sites by country, with many advantages for your privacy:

· Protects your data online

· It protects you from online identity theft

· Blocks your IP address and geo location

· exceeds Firewalls

· It works on both Wi-Fi as cable, offering unlimited bandwidth

· Works on Mac and Windows

There are two major programs, the most famous of the Hotspot Shield serving to Navigate Anonymous Free and serves as an alternative to the Proxify download, OpenVPN, OkayFreedomVPN, PrivateTunel.

Unfortunately, these sites above limited the band offering, that is, serve perfectly to access a month of internet browsing without video, with the exception of Hotspot Shield.

Bypassing the locking system

Circumventing lock program can be made when the entire block is performed by software installed on the computer. You can recognize a lock program because it is in the lower right corner next to the clock in Windows or by the error message that appears on the computer to try to access a blocked site.

Once you recognize the program, you can go to Start, Run and type MSCONFIG.

If you can, you will see a screen showing that open with Windows programs.

To try to get around blocking, uncheck the option that shows the name of the program that starts.

If the MSCONFIG window does not appear, restart your computer, press F8 to boot to enter into safe mode and try to perform the same procedure.

Use a browser with integrated and automatic proxy

Another way to access blocked sites on the Internet is through a browser that automatically unlocks the sites. We will not dwell on this issue because we have an article with the top 3 programs and you can download a web browser to access blocked sites

Proxy plug-in for Chrome with Proxy

A proxy browser plug-in simply installs and gives easy access to the proxy in your browser. The vast majority of sites listed above have a Proxy plug-in for the web browser. I list below the 5 best plugins for Chrome browser, the best Internet browser of choice.

Proxy – Access via other website

Proxy is an assistant, a “motorcycle courier” of the Internet, which represents you on the internet. When you request access to a site, it accesses to you and you deliver the results through their own means, working well as a motorcycle courier, seeking what you want for you.

Hope you liked this guide about how to unblocked websites using proxies in 2016. If you find it helpful, feel free to share it with your friends and other people and if you have any queries, ask in the comments section below.

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