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Best Free Live Sports streaming sites to watch live sports online

Live sports streaming or free live streaming sports websites are you searching? Let me show with you free sports streaming sites 2016. Find the best sports sites streaming free can be difficult. Nevertheless, this is an excellent alternative to television or chain.

Why? Simply because it’s easier to see your game of football online! But the problem is that the websites that offer sports streaming disappear quite often. It can be frustrating each time trying to find a good site to watch your favorite matches. So remember to add this page to your favorites.

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Best Free Live Sports streaming

Best Free Live Sports streaming sites to watch live sports online (For Football)

That is why I have compiled the ten best sites where you can watch football, rugby, tennis, basketball, handball direct online. Below you will find each site assessed by its layout, some links, the quality and quantity of videos, and the opinions of Internet forums. Find your favorite websites to watch sports for free in French today.

Do not forget to check the complete descriptions of each option listed in the table. In this down to the bottom of the page. If you enjoyed this blog, thank you for sharing on Facebook by pressing the buttons above. There are many sports streaming sites, free sports streaming sites and also sport streaming site but here we are sharing only popular live stream sports.

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 Live Sports streaming


A popular site in the world and mostly in France. What attracts me to them is that everything is available in French. The homepage offers us a direct sports channel. Then it remains only to choose the one you prefer. I would say this is probably the best site for viewing in direct matches.


A good option to watch handball, formule1, cycling, and volleyball. Well, you will be able to see all your football match here. The links are updated, and the pub is almost not present. Some users confirm that he use the site to watch the handball streaming. There is also a football forum in French. Part of the forum is dedicated to links to streaming of football matches. A very useful option because the members are still active and put full of links.

Streaming Football

Look no further for football fans streaming. Here you have the best website to watch your streaming games. For the Europa League, there are many links a day.


The presentation looks more imposing than the other platforms. The homepage offers us sports news and all the moments in progress. Kind of neat to watch the streaming tennis but you also stream football, basketball, tennis, and golf.


A new very friendly interface. Perfect for access to league play 1 or 2, and the Champions League. The only burden is that it requires us to register before streamer.


One of the best football streaming sites in Spain. However, the interface is accessible to all since it is in English. Here you will not miss any games because the links load quickly and everything is free. It also offers us look at summaries of big games. A big plus for fans: integers download are available.


I love this site because it is available in several languages ​​and is, therefore, an important place for European sport. Here we are offered free sports streaming without commercials. A magnificent option to see the matches of the German Bundesliga, Italy’s Series A, and Spain’s Primera Division.


A site in English enough known. Use it if you ever not see what to among other options.

Stream Sports

As Bosscast, here is a popular option in the Anglo-Saxon world, especially to watch rugby streaming free or handball and basketball. Sports Streams are always in shade, and the image is of high quality. Some users confirm to me that it is cool for mobile browsers. In my case, this site is not bad to look at basketball games free streaming.

Sports transmission sites are a trend nowadays. With this busy schedule of most working people, they do not get much time to sit and watch sports on TV.

Therefore, we dream Tricks is sharing best sports sites that can be used to transmit the sport anywhere, anytime on your mobile phone or laptop without any problem streaming. Streaming Online Sports apparently requires an Internet connection, but not a big problem for anyone today due to bad Internet today. Everyone has access to the internet.

Then handpicked sports are listing sites streaming that is available to all devices like computer, laptop, Mac, Android phone, iPhone, iPad, etc. There are many spam sites also asking your credit card numbers or any installed some spyware programs on your PC. Therefore, does not worry below you will find best sites live streaming.

Best Sports streaming sites to watch live sports online (For all sports)

FromHot – Sports Streaming Site:

From Hot is one of the best places to live sports streaming where you can watch football, hockey, tennis, basketball, baseball, golf, cycling, etc. Motorsports user interface of the site is very simple and clean. You can review all available live sports videos on the site easily. You can also select your time zone on this site, which is one of the biggest advantages of this site.

WatchESPN – Live Streaming Sports website:

It is alive and free site offered by ESPN which is one of the top sports channels. This site has an excellent user interface, and it is better if you are interested in American sports. If you don’t care in the US Sports, you should select another site streaming live sporting events.

VIP League – Free Sports Streaming Web:

VIP League is one of the best free streaming sites that allows you to stream sports many sports such as cricket, football, hockey, Cycling, Nascar, etc. Also, this site is also available in other languages ​​like Francis, Deutsch, etc. can also check upcoming events quickly. This site also provides some other features like changing the subject site or you can also change the time zone.

Apart from this, there are several other websites that you can visit for watching sports and hope you find them useful, have a look at these sites:

So these are the top and best sports streaming sites to watch live sports online and if you have more suggestions feel free to share with us in comments section.

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