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Facebook cover photo size dimension Recommendations

Facebook cover photo size dimension most people don’t know, If you will use Facebook cover photo size dimension then it will look more beautiful. As most of you guys know that Facebook is considered as one of the largest social networking site on the internet that is used by millions of people every day. Most of people using it for communication purposes while other people are small business or brand owners who are looking to promote their brand or small business online through this social site using their features such as Facebook pages and Facebook ads etc.

As business perspective, it is really must or necessary to have better designed and Facebook cover that can let other people about your brand or business identity. For better profile pictures and covers of Pages or profile, you can hire some better designer from Freelancing sites such as Fiverr. And you will find that every social media expert will advise you to use recommended size and well designed cover photos and main profile pictures.

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Facebook cover photo size

Why Using Stylish Covers is Must

Most of the people might take it funny question but it seems to be an important one. I have seen most of those people who are unaware of making something unique Facebook cover and copying other people covers idea. So it is not good for them to, because below in this guide we are sharing the size dimension that you can use to create your own unique cover to use on your timeline. This will make your profile look better and leave better impression on other users.

If you wanna more popularity on this social networking site then you should trying to share something attractive and make yourself or timeline something unique, If you will use right sizes images or photos then it will look more attractive, It will give you professional look, so you can understand that its very important for you,

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Facebook cover photo size

Facebook cover photo size dimension Recommendations

If you are one of those users who are looking to leave a better impression on your audience, then you should need to go with the size and dimensions that are recommended by Facebook so that it looks greater for your customer/audience. So keeping all these things in mind, this time we have decided to write about cover photo size dimension that you will surely find helpful for yourself.

For better understanding of size dimensions recommendations, check out this picture/image shared below:

From the last couple of years it is seen that this social site tries to update new features or changes to pages timeline or pages wall. Actually recommended size dimension by this social site allowed is 851 x 315 pixels but there are certain things that are not allowed according to Facebook policies in you cover photos such as:

· Purchase information example is “ 40% off” etc

· Contact information that is already shared or written in about section of your page

· Reference to Facebook features such as comments, shares and likes

· Calls to action are also not allowed

· Facebook covers should not be misleading

Now it’s about Facebook cover photo size that you can use for your timeline or either on your page. Actually another main issue faced by many people is recommended size for profile picture of this social site and I would like to let them know that recommended profile picture size is 180 x 180 pixels. I hope this Facebook cover photo size dimension guide fulfill your needs for size dimension recommendations.

Final Verdict Facebook cover photo size dimension 

So we hope you will enjoy this article, Now days you can see there are many tools which can help you to make cover photo more amazing, So You can use these types online tools, and most tools are very, You can make more attractive your cover photos, If you have any question abut Facebook cover photo size dimension Recommendations ask us.

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