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How Many People Use Facebook Worldwide 2016

How Many People Use Facebook in the world or worldwide 2016, This question also may be appearing in your mind. After sharing on Top 10 Most Liked Facebook Pages, Today we are sharing about average how many user using Facebook.

You know that As of 3rd October 2013, there are 500 million,  Now you can say it that this social networking site is the world most using social site. As you know that now days most people are giving more time on social media site, People are love their social media account because they are connected to their personal life,

This is world wide social networking site.
Its using most countries and also in top rank.
Its 70{610aaf6cff9bf0a752546ff6faf676d987e95cae59eda703734abcaac4b4b437} users coming from out of United state.
Its also have best place in Alexa Traffic Rank.

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How Many People Use Facebook’s worldwide 2016

When Mark Zuckerberg  the owner of this social networking site found this site, Sure he don’t think that, He is giving world most using site to world, Now days after Google its most using website, Google and this social media site are different,

This is a social networking site and Google is a search engine and Google also have many miner search engine like and similar like that, But Facebook is one and have 83{610aaf6cff9bf0a752546ff6faf676d987e95cae59eda703734abcaac4b4b437}  active users, Its have 33 millions users.

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How Many Facebook User i Europe

James Quarles, which is regional director of Europe, Some lines asking by James Quarles that in Europe people starting their day by logging in this social networking site, and when they will going to sleep or most are using watching this social media site before sleep.  UK is also a big place of active Facebook users, Here most people using this social networking site on their smartphone.

How Many User Using Facebook on Mobile

As you know that now time of mobile phone, Most are using new features mobile, But you know that smart phone are most using now days. You know world wide 26 millions people using this social networking site on mobile phone.on April 2012 this social networking site had over 900 millions user through mobile phone. You know that 70{610aaf6cff9bf0a752546ff6faf676d987e95cae59eda703734abcaac4b4b437} USA  this social networking site user are using this special networking site on their smartphone. So we can say that this social networking site is mostly using mobile phone.

Final Verdict About how many New and Old people are Using Facebook

I hope you liked and enjoyed this guide about how many people use Facebook and found it useful for you. If you have any questions or suggestions regards this guide, feel free to ask in comments section. Guys this data is not fix, I means day by day new Fb user also increasing, Some are lefting but new user so fast connecting, So we can say it that this is not fix but its good for knowledge. For more Facebook news, also latest updates of Facebook and all new information about Facebook, keep visit.

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