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Facebook Virus Removal Method without any Tool 2016

Facebook Virus Removal Method is very useful for remove any virus from Facebook and all browsers for make secure our Facebook account and secure Facebook account from hackers for safety. As you know that internet is connected to every where in the world, And this social site is also world wide social networking site, Most are using this social networking site for chat, making friends business marketing and for feeling share,

But their are many user which using for different proposes, Many spammer and hacker also using this social networking site, They are sending viruses on Facebook on chat and comment, When people will click on these spam and virus link then it will generate in computer, May be that are more harmful for you, So you must know Facebook Virus Removal with tool and also without tool, Let’s know more about Facebook Virus Removal method 2116.

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How to Remove a Facebook Virus Without any Tool

Friends you know that this social site is the one of most popular;ar social networking site, Its connected to most countries people, Most are using this social networking site for chat and make new friends, But some are using this social site for different proposed,

So most are sending viruses by chat and with different way using this, So most are need this method without any tool. Actually their are many tool for remove virus of Facebook, But today we are sharing this method, using this you can easily remove any Facebook virus without any tool.

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Facebook Virus Removal Method

Change Your account password –  
 If you find that some virus is generated in you computer then first you must quickly change password, You know password is most useful thing for your personal account so you must secure it first,  Because their are many key logger and phishing links which can harm your password or which can take your password, Then always you must change your account password, If you find any unwanted activity on your browser.

Remove unwanted and Unsafe Apps  As you know now days you can see many apps on Facebook, But many are not safe they can harm your account and also May be connected with some harmful viruses, So After change password you must remove unwanted apps which can harm. For remove apps-

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Go To Account > Privacy Setting > App and Website > 
Edit Your Setting > Apps you Use : Edit Setting >
Bad Apps  Then Edit setting  > Remove App

Update Antivirus and Anti spyware and Scan – Its first required that your always trying to update, After daily update they will able to fight new virus, If you are using out of date, Then it will sure harm full for your account and your computer.

How To Know Bad and Virus Link and Avoid It ?

Avoid this problem you must know about how to avoid these type spamy and virus links, Actually now days many new type way which making victim to Facebook users, I have introduction which can help you,  Like trying to avoid un wanted clicks, and you know that most links are give some fake offers, Due to these offers people are attracted to their links.

  • Don’t use any code in your browser.
  • Trying to Avoid one  licks codes,
  • Don’t click on attractive links.
  • Don’t reply any unkown people.
  • Don’t click on massages links.
  • Don’t Click on Shirted links.

Final Verdict About Facebook Virus Removal Method

I hope you liked and enjoyed this guide on Facebook virus removal method and found it useful for you. If you have any queries or suggestions regards this article, feel free to ask in comments section. You know their are many new torjan are appearing day by day, So always trying to update you antivirus and avoid clicking on unwanted links on chat. and finally i wanna say you, keep knowledge about Facebook security and security update, Don’t work against Facebook policies, If you have any security issue of this social site or you need any help on this topic then just ask us by comment below.

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