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How to Get 1000 Girls Friends Request on Facebook in a Week

Getting only Girls Friends Request on Facebook also 1000 thousand in a week is very amazing, We was also share with you How to get Make 5000 friends on Facebook Fast in One Day 2016 Today using that same method we are giving you something new also more interesting for you. You know that social networking site now days a part of life, People are using social networking sites for different purposes, Some are using this for connecting more peoples and some are using this for their promote their online best business,

But you know every social social sites are known for their their likes, followers, circles, and twittes features, But now its more advance now days people trying to get something more using social media sites, and there are no doubt that Facebook the biggest social site which using by worldwide users, Today we are talking about this.

How to Make Five thousand friends on Facebook

Increase Facebook friends tricks every one need, You that most people are using Facebook for make new friends and also connect with more peoples, but this social networking site give you a policy for make new friends, If you you wanna increase friends than you must send request and accepts request, But these all features are in a limits, means if are you new on this platform and you wanna increase fans its so hard, because we can’t send more request, If we will send more friends request than Facebook will block your sending friends request, But if you need more fans than visit our below article and get it.

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How to Get 1000 Girls Friends Request on Facebook in a Week

Its looks something funny, but most boys always trying to add only girls to there Facebook friends list,  Every filed in the world girls attraction you will see, When we was share on Make 5000 fans on Facebook than most people asking to us that how can they get only girls friend request without blocking. So you know that we are always trying to share our friends need on our blog, After test many methods we are lunching this trick with you, Using this you will get only girls friends request without sending any friend request, You will get auto friends request without sending request.

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Trick for Make 5000 Girls Friends on Facebook

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  • After than Using Control + V Past all Emails list on To Option or First Box.
How to Get 1000 Girls Friends Request on Facebook image photo
  • Now its done, Just wait for one 2 hour to 1 days and get result.
Warning ” Please Use this Trick only one time in 10 days, If you will use Again and Again, Your account may be disabled or required Photo tag verification ”

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Troubleshoot or Need any help on Make Girls Friends fast

Guys, I Hop you will enjoy this trick, But before you must know that this trick working fine, but if you will use again and again in the same day or same week, Than it will block your Facebook some features may be your account needed Photo tag verification, So for more safety you must try only one time. If you have any question about this article then please ask us, We will try to clear your answer as well as soon, Thanks for the visit and keep it for more tips and tricks also working Tutorials.

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  1. ashequr rahman says:

    how can i have the email list???

  2. mueed khan rocksz says:

    Add me.
    Add. Me
    Add me
    Add. Me

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  4. Gilbert Ociba says:

    I am an Ugandan by nationality, age 35 and a student in Kyambogo University pursuing Master’s Degree in Policy planning and administration management. Searching for a well behaved Girl friend from Africa American.

  5. Gilbert Ociba says:

    An Ugandan and searching for a well behaved girl friend from Africa American. Iam a student of Kyambogo University in the Graduate school.

  6. Siam says:

    add me girl friend.. . i need real girl friend

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