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How Facebook Makes Money From Users likes and by Ads

How Facebook Makes Money From Users or by the likes or selling ad spaces, There are many ways for earning, It can earn by boosting post, Boost pages, by supporting your business, You know Facebook is the one of most favorite social networking site which popular all around the world. You know every site on internet working for earning money, You can also Make money by Facebook if are you know completely this social site,

Its getting biggest amount of net advertisement, In this article we are trying to share some way which give high amount to this social site. So all webmasters trying to earn money from net, for they are hardworking, You know advertisement takes a big amount of make dollars on online. Then talking ahead and get more information about this.

How Facebook Makes Money From Users likes and by Ads

If you have a website and you wanna earn from this, then you must need more traffic for more make money, Without traffic you can earn, All advertising sites like Google Adsense, Buysellads, Info-link, Chitika, Yahoo networks all need hugs traffic for earning so fb also need this,
But you know Facebook has biggest Active user, Its most users always login their account. And also its user comes from world wide, So its also the biggest social site which have worldwide active user, It’s very helping to make money to this social networking site.
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Facebook is against to Google for making money

Facebook start  March 1997 and Google start September 1997, Both have different way for earn, You fb is limited social site, but Google spread by many ways, There are many products of Google like, App store, Blogger, Orkut, Google plus also (Social networking site like fb),

But Facebook earn biggest amount of net which have only social site services, and Google had many products but fb against Google on to earn money field.

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How Facebook makes money from the likes

Facebook is the biggest platform for marketing your product online, So grow up your business online using this social site you must need a platform to share your business updates, For this you must a page, Using this you can update your product information and others, To get more visitors you page must need more likes, If you wanna more like with fasted than you can use its premium service, Using this it will boost your post and you will get likes to faster and fb will get money.

How Facebook makes money from ads

Its chief source of fb earning, Fb makes money usually from this way, You know that this social networking site is world wide so its biggest benefit for this, For this world wide advertiser interested to advertise here, It’s also a have big traffic of active user so its earn more, Using this this social site is growing to faster because dollars is not issue for grow up fb,

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How Facebook makes money from Zynga

Facebook also making money from Zynga, revenue, Zynga advertises, how does Zynga make money So Zynga also big source and there are also many sources like games and surveys too for this. Finally, I wanna tell you there are many ways to make money for this social site, Finally, I think it’s clear that How to Facebook makes by users, likes, by ads and by Zynga. Thanks for visiting this fb blog, If you have any question on this article then please comment below or you can suggest using your lines by sending mails. Thanks for visiting our blog and keep it for more articles and tutorial on this social site.

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