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How to Write Urdu on Facebook wall Name Language

Write Urdu on Facebook wall is no more difficult, If you know some easy tricks you can do it very easily, For this today we are giving you with a simple but most attractive trick for How to Write Urdu on Facebook wall Name Language, Facebook is world wide social site, This popular social site is supporting many language, Its default language is US English, But most people are wanna enjoy this using there local language like Urdu, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi and many like this,English is international language,

 But  Every one Love There local language, Urdu is national language of Pakistan, Its also big country of Asia and as a fb users its biggest country,  This tips also useful for Pak users,

How Can I wright On Facebook Using Urdu Language

Every one loves their own country and every one also like to promote their countries things and cultural things, Language are a real pest of any country’s culture, Me from India Me also trying to share many times in Hindi Language, As our site fully promoting only fb related things or tips tricks and tutorial, so many mine Park and Indian friends requesting to me forgive a simple trick for Share status update in Urdu Language.

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How to write name on Facebook in Urdu

Today internet is really so advance, Every day launching new and something more special tool for Write in any language, Now we can learn any language online easily, If you will search on Online Urdu Writer tool, then you will see thousand collection, Many people also trying to add their name in Urdu on Facebook profile, It’s very easy first you must write your name in Urdu language and post it on name option, Facebook will accept your name, then save it and done,

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Note – Now this social networking site adding many new updates, So now you can write in any language without using any extra tools, If you have any question yes, means after update you are also enable to update text in your own local words then just ask we will update you answer as well as soon.

Now Wright Your Status in Urdu Language on Facebook

  • This is simple online tool Providing By Google.
  • First, you Must login with Your Facebook Account.
  • Now write your word in Urdu and get it.
  • Just Copy your status and share on it.
  • Its done, enjoy Urdu on Facebook.

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Final words Write Urdu on Facebook

Guys actually we don’t know more tools for this, If you have any suggestion for these type online tools you can suggest us, Sure, we will add in our article, May be you suggested also better for many users, Please share this article with your friends using below SEND  button, May be its also useful for fro your friends. Thanks for visiting our Blog and keep it,

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