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How to Use Facebook for Beginners Full Guide 2016

Are you Facebook Beginners user than you first learn some basic things of this social site,  Facebook is first name on Internet but Newbie and dummies don’t know about this social site,  Today i am trying to share complete step by step guide on How to Use Facebook for Beginners Full Guide,  Facebook is the biggest world wide social networking site,  Now days its top, He left all social networking site like Google plus, Twitter and many.

Now this social networking site taking big amount of internet user, Every day Millions people login there account and using this, Here we can chat, send sms, video calling, php, update status and video, also photo sharing. Its navigation is very user friendly, but many people, which have recently created their account they don’t know about this i will show some best guide which can help you to understand this social site.

What is Facebook and its use?

Facebook is the biggest social networking site,Mark Zuckerberg is founder of Facebook,  it’s made from only some class mate, which can connect through the internet, But now it became very popular, Here we can enjoy many think, it’s totally free, We can use it by internet data, Some mobile companies also providing the limited free Facebook offer on new phones also, Because everyone using this.

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Here some Feature which we can enjoy on Facebook

  • Share Status, Photo, Image.
  • Create Fan page for business.
  •  Create own application,
  • Promote your business,
  • Make Followers,
  • Chat with friends.
  • Video calls.
  • Create Note,


How to Use Facebook for Dummies 2016

Sign up New Account – If you wanna enjoy this social site then you must sign up on this social site, Its very easy,  first you need an email, Facebook is accept any type emails, but for better security i suggest you gmail.  Actually, many email service provider sites like yahoo, maybe delete your email without informing you, once my email also deleted by use gmail. After creating email just follow me.

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How to Use Facebook for Beginner image photo

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  • Now Enter First Name and Second Name.
  • Enter your email twice and enter password.
  • Password must use strong for better security.
  • Enter birthday, gender and enter the captcha.
  • Now click on the green sign up button and one.

How to Verify Email of Facebook

After creating successful your Facebook account, Facebook will send you a confirmation email. Many people tell me that I don’t find the verification email in my inbox, but don’t worry, there you will see a popup box for resend email just click on it, After getting emails just click on the confirmation email and done, Now you will not see confirm email pop up massage,

How to Fill Facebook About me Option.

After creating an account, you must fill all your information.  There are many information in the about me section request like your profile picture, Timeline Picture, Your Interest, Relation, Home town, Education, Job, If you have a Facebook fan page than you can also put that page on job title if he is your job, You can also add your best lines, your quotes, put your religion, and many which you will see when you explore them.

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How to Use Facebook for Beginner image photo
  • First, click opens your  Home page.
  • To update you all information Click on Update Info.
  • If you wanna Change picture click on picture and upload it.
  • If you wanna change timeline picture just click on setting gear.
  • Now upload your best timeline picture and position it and done.
  • Click on about option for adding your complete information.
  • Just edit all information and fill it, after fill saves it and done.
  • For Create Page – If you wanna Create page Click on Create a Page.
  • For Create Group – If you wanna create a group then click on Create a Group.

Note – If You wanna Know Any Stuff Just Comment Below we will Inform you.

Final Words for Facebook for Beginners 

There are many options and setting which we can share in an article, Its simple, quick article, But if you need more you can watch our related tutorials, If you have any question related to this social site you can comment below, We will sure reply your answer as well as soon, Thanks for visit our blog for more keep exploring this site, Thank you. I hope many question are clearing by this article and you will enjoy this.

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