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How To Send Message to all Facebook Friends in One Click 2016

Send Message to all Facebook Friends in One Click 2016 trick is amazing, If you wanna send massage to all friends using a one click now can do ii, For this today we are sharing with you best trick for How To Send Message to all Facebook Friends in One Click, Facebook is the unique social site there people always trying to get something new and also advance feature which Facebook officially not provide,
But using some scripts or codes you can get many features of this social site which are not share by Facebook, We was share with you many Fb awesome tips and tricks, Mostly awesome or secret tips and tricks completed by some codes or scripts,  Today we are give you something new scrip for send to all friends msg using one click. So lets rad complete article on this.

How can Send Message in One click to My All Facebook friends

As you know that we always trying to show something more attractive also new tips and tricks of this most popular social networking site, and people also asking us, about new tips and tricks of this social site, From many days people are requesting to share or asking us,

That they can send massages to all friends in one click, or their are nay trick?. Today we are sharing this method and replying to my all fan use you can send in one click to all, Let’s read more about this trick.

Scripts or Codes for Send message to All Facebook friends in a Click

There are many codes or scripts for this. Fb engineer always trying to get new bugs on this social site and always trying to solve their bugs, There are many scripts and method for this, but mostly are not working, Because Facebook engineer always block them, We are giving you latest working method for this, Using this you can easily send MSG your all friends using one click.

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How To Send Message to all Facebook Friends in One Click 2014 image

Send Message to all Facebook Friends using One Click 2016

If you wanna send sms or message to you all Facebook friends using one click one by one than its so hard and also so time wasting,  If you will try to send one by one its may be get one  minute or half minute,

But using our method you can easily send your total friends by one click, Really its amazing, Many people also don’t know and many users are always send me massage for this method or code, Finally many use i get this code for you,

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How to Massage to all Facebook friends in a click

 How To Send Message to all Facebook Friends in One Click 2014 image


* First, you open Mozilla Firefox.

* Now Must login with your Facebook Account.

* Now Simple Press Control + Shift + K,

* Now Click on Console and Past This code using Ctrl + V

* Now, You will see a Popup window like the screen shot.

* Just type your message there and done.

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Warning  –  Please Use This only One Time In a Day. If you use many times Facebook May Be temporary block your sending Massage, So don’t miss use this code or script, Use it only safe way.

Final Words Send Message to all Facebook Friends in One Click

This is a very useful code for sending to all friends sms in a one click, But I wanna tell you that its not an official script or code or method, Fb is not providing this, So use this yourself, We are not responsible about this,

If you have any question about this article please comment below we will sure reply your answer, Thanks for visit our site please keep it. If you need any special trick on this social site then please tell us.

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16 Responses to “How To Send Message to all Facebook Friends in One Click 2016”

  1. brother says:

    Where is the code?

  2. its works !! thanks !! <3

  3. Cricket says:

    Where is the hell code ?

  4. Tanmoy Deb nath says:


  5. Dave Strickler says:

    First to answer all questions about whre the code is: you click on the blue word “codes” in his instructions above and it will bring up a page with tons of code than you hold down control and a on your keyboard to highlight the entire page, than control c to copy onto your clipboard and paste it using control v into Firefox console.
    I’m kind of afraid to use it as this guy could be a hacker and the code could do something bad to your FB account. Anybody have have it work and send a message to all your friends without doing harm to your FB account?

  6. Peter Pitrus says:

    works fine, but only sends a message to 45 friends?

  7. Khizer Ishtiaq says:

    Very Nice Post Brother.
    Keep it Up 🙂

    Regards : Tuts Point PK

  8. Teach Leaks says:

    Very Nice Post Brother.
    Keep it Up 🙂

    Regards : Teach Leaks

  9. Danny RDX says:

    Creates trojan virus in temp app data folder in your browser

  10. Jesse says:

    I follow the steps but nothing came up.. So, what next?

  11. Jesse says:

    Well now get it does work, hopefully it will send it to all and won’t be a hacker thing loll definitely facebook need to set up that option.. Thanks man

  12. smart says:

    this guy must be a scammer. given wrong message. that is not real. the code is all i have been looking and searching for online. buy you just came online and give a topic that has no solution.

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