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How to get lot 5000 facebook friend request in a Week 2016

If you wanna unlimited friends request in a week than you can follow our this tricks, For this today we are sharing with you one of most wanted Facebook trick  How to get lot 5000 Facebook friend request in a Week,  Yes now you can increase your Facebook friends very easy,  You know that Facebook is a big circle of friends, We can increase more friends on this social site while we can’t get 5000 friends, Its limit of friends. After this our friend request will convert in followers, So If you wanna more followers than using this trick you can also get more followers too.
There are many tutorial like this method but its a latest and working method so you can use it freely. We provide you these tricks totally free. So let me show complete info about this trick with complete full step guide.

Fast Way To Get More Friends on Facebook

We can send request on Facebook, but that is very, very slow, If your sending friend request is blocked by Facebook then you can’t  send more, Using sending request you can increase only three hundred friends, Than if you wanna 5000 fan it will take more than two year, So i think this method not better for you,  This is a time wasting method, and now is life so fast so use something new tricks which give you fast fans.

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How to get lots 5000 Facebook Followers in a Week 2016

Facebook Followers is the most attraction for their popularity, If you you wanna more like on your updates, photos, Video and many more share, then you must increase your followers, If we reach the 5000 friends limit after this our request will convert into followers, Means after getting five thousand fans you can get more followers too, So you must need first five thousand fans after this Facebook automatically convert your getting friend request into followers, then go below and get fast Facebook friends in one week.

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How to get lot 5000 Facebook friend request in a Week 2016

Now just follow us for get a lot of Facebook friend request in one Week, This is a simple method by invite friends using email, If we wanna more friends we can invite more friends using email address, Just fills friends their email address and click on invite, We have big collection of emails, Using that you can  Invite your friends for add you as a friend. But better you need to know that you must try in a week, If you will use it more time then this social site can considered your activity as spam.

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How To Get 500 Friends in a week

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  • Just copy all email address and paste into emails.
  • You can leave a blank message box, No necessary.
  • Now just click on Invite Friends and wait for few second.
  • Now Its done in a few days you will get a Many Friends Request.
  • Warning Don’t Invite same friend in the same week.

Final Words get lot 5000 Facebook friend request

This is a simple method you can do it easily, We were sharing step by step with prefect screen shot, You can understand easily if you have any question about this tutorial, please tell us by comment below, we will sure reply your answer as well as soon, Please like and share this article with your friends to support us, Thanks for the visit and keep visiting.

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