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How to message a friend who Blocked you on Facebook

How to message a friend who Blocked you on Facebook,  Hello fans, Today we are sharing you a special trick that for attractive, How to message a friend who Blocked you on Facebook? Yes, you can send message to a person who had blocked you on Facebook  using this trick, Facebook gives their user best privacy policy, If some give you problem on Facebook then you can block them,
After a block that friend or person can’t see your latest and old update, Picture, and any related to your Facebook account its very useful feature for you. Using this you can secure your fb update from selecting people, But i am sharing with you something opposite about this, So lets me show more about and lets read complete guide on this.

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How To Block a Person on on Facebook

To be continued I am wanna also tell them How to block a person on Facebook, Because many people don’t about this, On my fb account, many people and friends was massaging me that a person harsing tell me how to remove that prom my Facebook activity, Like these type massages me always getting in my inbox finally i am sharing this method you can also read this a complete tutorial for both.

How To Block and Unblock A Facebook Friend

Blocking is best way to avoid any people activity on Facebook, As we know that social sites most using and also world wide, As its best way to connect with new friends, but there are many guys which not social, Means their are many people which not social and their activity and updates not fair for your personal life, So using blocking system or feature you can easily blog them, You can also unblock these using unblock, Just go to on setting tab and  click on privacy and blocking and unblock them.
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How to message a Facebook friend who Blocked you me

  • Its simplea simple trick Completing using by Email.
  • First, you must Login Your Facebook Account.
  • Now you also must login you Gmail Account.
  • Now Click on Compose Email Option.
  • Now Enter your Friends User name as Email.
  • Like this 
  • Now Type you Massage which you wanna send him.
  • Now Click on Send Button and It’s Done.

Final Words message a friend who Blocked you on Facebook

A few months before this method also working with yahoo mail but now its not working with yahoo mail, Now yahoo blocked this method, We test this only in gmail and its full tested working method with gmail. If you like this article, please give us a minute for saying thanks, If you think that its useful article then please share with your fans. For latest working Facebook Tips and Tricks Keep exploring our site, Please Like and share  this article if you think that its informative, Thanks you.

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12 Responses to “How to message a friend who Blocked you on Facebook”

  1. Dale Santos says:

    Does this really work ?

  2. J MAN M UCHIHA says:

    nvr worked no message came up on fb -_-

  3. arslan says:

    i want facebook deleted conversion sir you have any idea or guidnes

  4. satya says:

    The method doesn’t work

  5. venu says:

    I tired in gmail also but it notworking …..Please share one example

  6. Tara says:

    This method is now not working……whenever i tried to send message to my friend it replies on my gmail as temporary error….please tell me what to do

  7. balu says:

    not working is there any other way pls share

  8. Surya Das says:

    Do you know 90{610aaf6cff9bf0a752546ff6faf676d987e95cae59eda703734abcaac4b4b437} are there who dont use gmail or google+ its not a way sending msg to gmail instead of facebook..i can send her or him text msg too…it’s far better than your idea

  9. sandeep says:

    This method is not working bcoz facebook is blocking my messages. Do u have any other methods please share

  10. Matt Muckleroy says:

    This does not work. It got rejected.

  11. Sonia says:

    My new boyfriend blocked me on Facebook even he was not on my fb friends list. We chatted on messenger. Now he doesn’t want to keep contact with me and blocked me but I do. Please help how I can unblock him

  12. Grammar and Spell Police says:

    Go back to school and learn to write a grammatical paragraph!

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