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New Facebook Page Promoter Popup Like Box 2016

New Facebook Page Promoter Popup Like Box is latest product of net, Its fast loading and working in all screen, Its most useful is that its not affect site speed, If you will try any most others they may make site heavy, and site will go down due to slow loading, But don’t worry Today we are sharing with you a new tutorial for New Facebook Page Promoter Popup Like Box,  Facebook is a biggest social site a billion user every day using this social site,
Means using fb we can get a hug traffic collection form this social site, Its very helpful for your site traffic and Alexa ranking,  Using this we can increase our Facebook page like which more important for your site popularity, When a visitor came on you site than he first see this Facebook Page Promoter Popup Like Box, They will also connected with you page and also get more new post by page.  So lets read more about this and add this in your website.
New Facebook Page Promoter Popup Like Box image photo
  • It’s a new Latest Page Promoter Popup Like Box.
  • Also more SEO friendly and faster from old.
  • People will connect to your page update.
  • Easy trick for increase page like faster.

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New Facebook Page Promoter Popup Like Box with Timer

There are many types Facebook popup like box, All are having something different styles, Some new popup like the box had an attractive feature, Using this we can customize their time to appear and disappear, it’s also faster loading and SEO friendly, If test another one you will know that they get more time to load, So that is not user friendly, it’s also affecting our blog and website traffic, So you must use this latest new New Facebook Page Promoter Popup Like Box with timer.

New Facebook Page Promoter Popup Like Box


  • –   First Go To Your


  • –   Now Open Your Desire Blogger.


  •  –  Now Click on Option  Layout”.


  • –   Now simply Click Add A Gadget .


  •  –   Now Scroll To HTML-JAVASCRIPT


  •  –   Click + Icon To Add widget.


  •  –   Now Copy The Below Code And Paste It To Their.


  •  –   Leave The Title Empty.


  •  –   Click on  Save, Now You Are Done.


Just Use Below Code For Widget




  • Replace  newfaceboooktipstricks with Your Facebook Page Name.


  • Just Change For Display Time  15 Second to Your Required Time.

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Facebook Page Promoter Popup Like Box Advantage

If you will use this Page promoter like box then you will get more likes, Its fast loading and work in most screens, Also compatible with all templates and also all platforms, No more any extra coding required to just replace the name and ready,

Final words on Facebook Page Promoter Popup Like Box

This is a latest and updated code for Facebook Page Promoter Popup Like Box with timer, You can change display time 15 second to any time which you will require, If you have any question about this article, please comment below, If you think that this article useful for you and your friends than Please like and share this article with your friends.

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  1. Thank you a great deal with regard to expressing!I think it should not be removed as it gives credit to blogger for gaining more traffic to their website and engaging in creating more blog.
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  2. ISU SEMASA says:

    is this possible for this pop up to appear only to those who didn’t liked it already, I mean it should check the cookie and see if the visitor has signed in to his fb account and if he already had liked the page then this pop up doesn’t show.

  3. arman safi says:

  4. BIGPALZ says:


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