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How To Hide Mutual Friends on Facebook 2016

How To Hide Mutual Friends on Facebook many friends this trick and, So fans, today I wanna share with a useful privacy setting trick which called How To hide mutual friends on Facebook,  You know Facebook is the biggest social sites, every day many thousand people connected to this social site, In now days privacy setting is another and big issue for this user. If you follow some easy instruction you can set your privacy policy more effective, If you will notice than we watch any friend’s name there also describe in short word like mutual friends, If we he hides our friend list from another, But by mutual friends its shown,
It means our friend list is not fully hide, As we know that this social sites always trying to fix bugs and also giving reward which informing hem any bugs, But there are many bugs still not fixed, This social sites working hard on privacy and secure, To increasing more users its trying to provide best security and privacy.If are you searching best privacy tips for hide your friends list then this article will help you to more, So if you wanna hide your all friends like friend list and also mutual friends than follow us.

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How To Hide Mutual Friends on Facebook 2016

Its a simple privacy setting, If you wanna more privacy than you can use this also, If you notice on Facebook that most people headed their friend list, Using this every one can’t see our interest in friends and our private relationships with our friends,

So If you wanna this privacy than just follow us. To get this first you need to login in your account, After login your account now just visit setting tab and go on privacy tab,  There you will see  Friend list Public or friends, Just choose only me, then its completely hided from all other and its done.

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  • First, you must Logan in your Facebook Account.
  • Now click on Setting Button on Top Right side.
  • Now click on an Edit Privacy Setting tab.
How To hide mutual friends on Facebook image picture
How To hide mutual friends on Facebook image picture
  • Just Choose Friend list Public to Only Me.
  • Now Save it and its done.

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Final Words on Hide Mutual Friends on Facebook 2016

This is a simple fb trick, We are always trying to share something new and latest tricks of Facebook, If you wanna any new tips please comment below, we will sure post that related article in next some days, If you like this article, please comment below for say thanks,

This is simple privacy tips and you can easily do it, If you enable to complete this then just visit our YouTube channel and which dedicated video for better understand. If have any question please comment below we will sure help you,Thanks for visit and keep it for more.

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5 Responses to “How To Hide Mutual Friends on Facebook 2016”

  1. waqas says:

    yaar thxx ap new trick batate hain warna aj kal log batate bhee nhi kisi ko i proud of u my frends <3
    or muje animation gif wala lazmi sekhana 🙂 <3

  2. sohi says:

    thanks for share ..

  3. Ma. Cristina Garcia says:

    Its useless…
    Even i was only me my friend lists still my mutual friends shown.
    Please help me on how to hide my mutual friends..

  4. Mike says:

    How do I find out if someone I blocked and I have mutual friends that could be feeding him information from my Timeline?

  5. Arbab Enamurab says:

    Dear sir or madam
    Hope your doing well,
    My request in order to how can I remove tag from our friends.
    And also and how can remove or hide mutual friends form our face book list

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