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How to secure Facebook account from hackers for safety

How to secure Facebook account from hackers ? Its first need of this social site user, You know, the internet is not safe, So you must always try to get new ideas for security which can help you protect your data from others, There are many tips for this Here we are sharing some useful basic trick for this.
You know Its a simple Facebook security tips, but it’s very important for every user so Every user must know about this, You on days Facebook are very popular among the peoples,  Every one one special secure privacy, but we doesn’t know more about How to secure FB account from hackers, then it can be dangerous for our account so for my suggestion to use some special tricks and tips for Secure your FB account.

How to protect your Facebook account from hackers

Here are we are describe some Tips for getting better security, If you always follow some simple tips than you account always safe. Just follow some useful lines for getting better security.As we know that social networking sites most using now days, Most popular daily using social account, There are many private things also saved in their accounts, So now days many spammers and hackers trying to hack Facebook to break their privacy,  
If you know how to hack Facebook then you can get ride easily on it, So always be safe and avoid these thing which can affect your privacy and can break you security, In this article we just sharing some of best ways to secure your account from hackers.
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  • There are many tips for security, but I am sharing only some useful and also most important tips, Using that you can secure your Fb account.
  • Top Tips for secure Fb account
  • Don’t share your Fb Email Address.
  • Always Hide your Email Address from friends.
  • Don’t give your Access Token to Every Apps.
  • Don’t click on any link From Messages Box.
  • Always use a updated Antivirus with spyware and Adware software.
  • Don’t fill your Fb password any where they will be Phishing page.
  • Always watch URL before Give your Fb Password Like
  •  Use Power full Fb Password.
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What is Powerful or best Facebook Password ?

  • For complete Power full, or best Fb Password Visit Our Below article
  • Powerful or best Fb Password
  • Use Password with Special Character also more than 15 words.
  • Use Spaces and Dots also For Your Best fb Passwords.
  • Change your Passwords in every seven days.
  • For my Suggestion You can choose Like This password.
                  &(*{610aaf6cff9bf0a752546ff6faf676d987e95cae59eda703734abcaac4b4b437}#@14MpqcIbs1}..x&* with Spaces

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Final verdict on secure Facebook account from hackers

This is a simple tips and tricks which can secure your fb password, If you have any suggestion or any question about this article you can comment below, If you need any new working trick you can ask us, For Latest security update and also the new  privacy policy of Facebook Please Keep visiting our site. Please support us by sharing our article with your fans, maybe they also like this article. Thanks for visit this blog and keep it for more security updates of this social networking site,

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