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How to Post Animated GIF Picture On Facebook 2016 New

How to post Animated GIF moving picture is not easy, many people trying to get this, but getting success, There are many tips and tricks for this, but most are difficult, If wanna that everyone like your your wall and everyone follow you, Than you must need some special Facebook trick and tips, 

If your wall look awesome people must watch and notice your Facebook Update, Animated GIF Picture also an awesome update of Facebook fan page, Group and also in your Profile,If you wanna share Animated GIF picture on page, profile group than must follow some easy steps. If you wanna share this also then follow us and get it,After a few days you can visit our YouTube video channel there we will share video tutorial also. Let's read more about Facebook GIF.
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Increase impression using this trick

Everyone knows that every person on every social site, people trying to get likes, But every second person dating there updates, So get like are very hard, But if you will share something unique or something different from other than sure you will get more likes from another, and Animated GIF picture or photo is a really unique thing on Facebook, It can help you for get more popularity.

Note – Now This trick not working, To get latest update you can check our latest update of this tutorial as you know that this sicial site don’t like these type features, But if you wanna access these type features then just read our latest blog post and get new.

Go For latest Updated–  Method For Post Animated Picture 2016

How to Post Animated GIF Picture On Facebook 2013 image

How to post GIF Picture on Facebook wall and Page

Note – Must Follow All Steps. If you Have any problem Add me, I will solve Mahendra

1 . Need Adobe Photoshop CS 3 or CS 5 any Version.

2 . A Facebook Fan Page

3 . Like This Page For Applications

4 .Download any Animated GIF Picture On Using Google and save it.

5 . Now Open Adobe Photoshop Cs 6 and Follow

6 . Click on Adobe Cs 6   File > Imports > Video from two layers.

7 . Search GIF First  wright *. * and Click on LOAD.

8 . Select your GIF Picture and Ok
9 . Resize your GIF Image width 111 to High 74

10 . If you Enable to Resize Both Width and High Please set  only Width.

11 .Now save it.Note I will save in PSD Format Its Ok
 12 . Go To Your Page and Open your welcome Tab.
 13 . You can Install Welcome Tab From Me Page.
 14 . Click On Edit welcome Tab.
 15 . Now Click On Edit Setting.
 16 . After Click on Edit setting you will find a new window,

How to Post Animated GIF Picture On Facebook 2013 image picture photo
17 . Change your Tab Image with Your Psd Image Created Using Photoshop.

18 . And Save It You will Found an animated Picture On Your Welcome Page Tab.
19 . Like This
How to Post Animated GIF Picture On Facebook 2013 image picture photo

20 . For Post On Your Id First, you Create  simple application.

22 . It’s Very easy  you can do easily

21 . To Create  Facebook Application

22 . After Create an Application  Click Here For tools/explorer

23 . Click On GET, POST Now add a field.

24 . Copy your welcome Page Tab Link and past on Value >

25 . Add Another field and Set your Message.

26 . Change? fields=id,name to feed?27 . Get Access Token and Summit.


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Post Animated GIF Picture On Facebook

Guys, this type method is not provided by this social site, So maybe after some time they will block this trick, So after completing follow step if you can’t get result than leave this, Because that is now not working, You can get to this our new method, If not find than please comment below we will provide you working link for that, Thanks for visit this blog and keep it for tutorials. Thanks for subscribing our feed

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  1. Diego Porras says:

    Please, help me con saved imagen in photoshop :c

  2. Mahendra Meghwal says:

    Hello. Diego Porras Please wait for few days I am publishing a new and also easy method For Post Animated Gif Picture on Facebook.

  3. Tushar Raj says:

    Please Help…. After upload image is no more animated?

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  6. yasser ammar says:

    “error”: {
    “message”: “(#200) The user hasn’t authorized the application to perform this action”,
    “type”: “OAuthException”,
    “code”: 200

  7. vikash tiwari says:

    Please help My page partner cheat on me he hack my page and make me cc on that page so i want my page back please give me working cc to manager trick thanks

  8. Amy Nguyen says:

    is this u share it ir you actually post it?

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